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The calm between storms

The calm between storms

There's a sense of calm in the house that we haven't experienced in years. A sense of promise for the summer to come. A quiet determination to wring out every single ounce of fun. It's a really lovely feeling. And it's no coincidence that this is my first blog for months.  I felt I should … Continue reading The calm between storms

The price of empathy

When your child receives an ASD diagnosis after they have started school the choice of school placement isn't necessarily clear cut. LA's often have policies about just how far your child needs to be behind their peers to even warrant a conversation. Never mind your childs tangible stress or anxiety levels. The LA decides. Making … Continue reading The price of empathy

Reach out for your sanity

I was 39 when I had J. A successful professional. Adept at leading teams and running businesses. My sense of self very much tied up in my work life. It didn't slip away over night that life. It kind of drifted away over several years as the burden of appointments increased and the diagnosis shifted … Continue reading Reach out for your sanity