How Tesco saved our #CalmerChristmas

How Tesco saved our #CalmerChristmas

This year our little household is fully embracing the idea of a #calmerchristmas.

No visitors, limited visits, no long-distance travelling, scaled back decorations, and a light schedule which J and I will agree together, in advance, adding in lots of the stuff that HE likes to do.

Given that school have already shown an ignorance of sensory overload and Christmas related anxiety (picture three adults chasing J round the lunch hall earlier this week) I am determined to get it right for him this year.

Imagine my horror then when I arrive at work this morning only to receive a call from the TESCO delivery man. He had my Christmas order and he was outside my door. In my planning haze, I had totally forgotten that I’d changed my days off this week and therefore should have changed the TESCO delivery date.

We don’t do supermarkets in our house. And if we have to, absolutely have to, then J (a strapping 7 yo) will be seen riding in a big trolley, headphones in place, and something handheld helping to block out all the noise, smells, lights and movement. And even then it’s still fraught. There’s not much room left in the trolley once J’s in there for a weekly shop – let alone a Christmas shop. I have to be fast and I never seem to judge the right time to get him out so that I can pack and pay without a disappearance or other act of mischief.

Without knowing any of this the delivery man spoke to his team and rearranged the delivery for later this morning when I could be home. He said ‘he didn’t want to ruin my Christmas’.

In fact, he made it.  He knew none of the above but he was kind, patient and put himself out for people he didn’t know.

So thank you to TESCO for recruiting this fantastic young man. And if you’re expecting a TESCO delivery in Twickenham or New Malden today you might be lucky enough for him to save your #CalmerChristmas too.

Tips from Autistica for a #CalmerChristmas




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