Welcome to ‘The lone autism parent’

I happen to be parenting alone. Which isn’t in itself that important. And in many ways, in this complex and challenging life,  it is a positive thing.

No second guessing by a partner struggling with their own demons and preconceptions of what a wife or child ‘should be’. No 2nd set of grandparents, siblings and cousins to cast judgement.

I can, and do, choose my friends carefully. The supportive and loving ones who keep their negativity to themselves (mostly) and who are always pleased to see us and quick to pour the wine. These I cherish.

I have tried dating in the last couple of years. It was exhausting.

Not the dates, they were fun, but who actually has time to work, parent, manage therapies, fight the Local Authority, work in partnership with school through a crisis, plan for your child’s future and shave your legs. Not this woman. My legs may be unkempt 99% of the time but my life is in balance with my child bang in the cente. Exactly where he belongs.

This blog won’t specifically cover the issues of lone parenting children with SEND. Instead I wanted to share the experiences, advice, knowledge and fabulously funny moments J and I have shared along the way.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to ‘The lone autism parent’

  1. I lone parent too and constantly battle the LA. I find (along with the LA) that childcare is the biggest issue/cost. I’m just lucky my employer totally gets Autism, well they should as I’m always raising awareness and can safely say my colleagues are now all autism experts (yeah i know I never shut up about it!). Will look forward to ready your posts.


  2. Great to hear from you.

    Childcare is eye watering. But a necessary evil if we want to keep working – and I need to keep working!

    Thankfully Jack has been with the most wonderful childminder since he was very young which means I get a bit of flexibility on days and hours. I’ve seen people really struggle to find good childcare post diagnosis.


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